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Jonquil Absolute Uncut Rare


Jonquil is royalty among florals and no botanical perfumer should be without this apricot noted floral.I was introduced to Jonquil by way of my old aromatic history books which wove romantic tales about fields of Jonquil in Grasse, the southern part of France where our precious, rare absolute hails from. While the flower comes from the amaryllis family, not all flowers in that family are alike. I learned that early in my buying years. Looking back, I’m quite sure that Yang ylang or Helichrysum or derivatives of had been passed to my then inexperienced hands. There’s nothing quite like expensive purchases to sharpen the learning curve.

Jonquil is incredibly rare and precious. It has tenacity like Gardenia tiare or Osmanthus: it stays put in a blend. The absolute smells like a whole lot of honey and a little of tobacco plus a good note of Tuberose. I pick up a little green Hay and Hyacinth as well. This heart note floral literally blooms in a carrier oil or perfumers alcohol. I can’t imagine a more feminine blend or a more thoughtful gift for a friend.

Suggested use: in natural botanical perfumery blend. Blends well with Lemon, Vanilla (my favorite), Vetiver, and a little Violet leaf.




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