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Jasmine Sambac Floral Wax


Jasmine (Jasminum sambac) floral wax from India.

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I feel like I’ve emptied my heart of Jasmine adjectives. I have spoken of its seductions, its evocation of lusty interactions, its sweetness, its whims. Now, I speak of mythologies, of comparisons, and animalic notions: the poet’s Jasmine Grandiflorum in the other floral wax listing and this one, Grandi’s night blooming soulmate, Sambac. I pick up familiar Ambergris like notes, deep indole, animalic, dirge like. Jasmine Sambac floral wax is soft like Grandiflorum and requires minimal warming to use in a variety of applications. It is another floral wax that I walk with and soften with the heat of my hand, to anoint forehead and brow. The magnificence of this wax, I feel, is as an ingredient of a solid perfume; a pot of natural perfume to memorialize the scent of Sambac.

Suggested uses: Jasmine Sambac wax requires a bath to work with in a variety of formulations. Can be added in soap making, creams, lotions, lip gloss, salves, balms and perfume solids. Can be used to replace beeswax when making Vegan skincare and other DIY formulations. Once the wax is warmed, it can be whipped into shea butter for a Jasmine scented body butter.


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