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Jasmine auriculatum Floral Wax


Jasmine auriculatum floral wax from our talented artisan producers in India.

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I’m sniffing this auriculatum floral wax side by side with our “auri” absolute at this writing and I realize this is who I want to smell like. This is the very best notes of Jasmine auriculatum; a full body spiciness with muted sweetness. So grown up, such top shelf in profile. Where the absolute reminds me of gardenia, this floral wax reminds me of my very first wild card distilaltion last spring: plum blossoms. I’m inspired to do more than create a soliflore with this wax. What that means is yet to be discovered but perhaps after a deep dive into into some antique perfumery book reading in my library, I’ll have some wild card ideas. and if that doesn’t happen, I’ll hold some tight in my hand when I go to sleep because that works too.

What is a floral wax? Flowers or plant materials that are too delicate to survive steam distillation are macerated in solvent (orangic for most). The maceration which includes the scent molecules and flower waxes then becomes a concrète and is further blended with 190 proof perfumer’s alcohol and chilled to separate the maceration or tincture and floral wax. 

Suggested uses: Jasmine auriculatum floral wax requires a bath to work with in a variety of formations. It can be added in soap making, creams, lotions, lip gloss, salves, balms and perfume solids. It can be used to replace beeswax when making vegan skincare and other DIY formulations. Once the wax is warmed, it can be worked into shea butter for a scented body butter or added to a carrier oil to lightly scent and add viscosity.

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