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Jasmine Auriculatum Absolute Oil


Jasmine auriculatum absolute: small artisan extractions from our producer in India.

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My heart feels big in this moment. Our arrival of Jasmine auriculatum has been so sought after, so anticipated in our apothecary and I’ve worked very hard to bring it here. I’ve thought long about the moment I would release this Queen Of The Night oil to our seekers of rare perfumery oils. Of how they would experience this spicy aromatic, the experience of a first sniff, future floral compositions planned. This Jasmine does not pretend who she is and lends herself freely to both male and female energy, adding balance to masculine and feminine blends. She’s fiery and wild. A little crazy, even.

Jasmine auriculatum completes our mirepoix of premium Jasmine absolutes of India. Auriculatum is not what one would expect of a Jasmine but then one as rare as this needs to be full of surprises. And it is full of surprises. First notes lend to tea and gardenia, and what I would characterize as spent jasmine on a distillery floor, touches of floral rot and dirt mixed with fresh plant. In the world of perfume where fecality and stench bring life to a composition, floral rot has its place too. With time on both skin and my scent strip, auriculatum has reveals itself as a spicy Sambac, with indole taking a soft back seat. There is so much more depth to the aromatic that more time with it will reveal, I know this for certain.

I imagine this Jasmine to be the one that would have been so suited to Greek Jasmine liqueurs of the 1860s. Of course it is most likely that it was Jasmine officinale or grandiflorum but I like dreaming of this spicy aromatic being sipped at The London Exposition in 1862 and winning awards.

Suggested use: in all high end perfume compositions. It is best use in very small amounts to bring forward other heavy florals such as Red Champaca, Magnolia and other Jasmine absolutes.



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