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Cedarwood, Himalayan Essential Oil


Himalayan Cedarwood (Cedrus deodora) essential oil from Nepal.

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I recall reading about Himalayan Cedarwood long before I used it. I was a kid who had a mild obsession with the oils and and unguents used by Ancient Egyptians in every day life and embalming processes. I was 12 years old when I proudly wrote my first report about Egyptian oils. I knew then that if I couldn’t make it as a singer, I would have a career in aromatics, although at 12, I was unsure what that might look like. Himalayan Cedarwood is considered a sacred and divine oil in Hinduism as well and sure enough, it is divine; the scent is similar to Atlas, bringing relaxation and other accoutrements of meditation to the body. Where the two Cedarwoods differ is that Himalayan is much sweeter with fruit top notes, similar to our Canadian Douglas Fir perhaps because it grows in cooler, high altitudes as the Douglas Fir does in Canada. Those fruit notes make Himalayan Cedarwood a great blender with Patchouli, Buddha Wood, Sandalwood and many other wood based oils, adding lift to what might otherwise be a monotone perfume profile. Himalayan Cedarwood has anti fungal and anti-infectious properties and is ideal for repelling insects. Adding a few drops to a deodorant can extend its life considerably.

Suggested uses: Blends well with Buddha, Sandalwood, African Sandalwood or Muhuhu and Blood Cedarwood. Add to skin serums or cleaners to help balance oily skin.


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