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Henna Flowers Hydrosol


Henna Flowers (Heena lawsonia) hydrosol small distillation from our distiller in India.

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Thirty years have passed since I stood before a mirror, traumatized by the oddly colored strawberry hair reflecting back from my first box of henna. I knew nothing of the herb and neither did anyone else at the health food store in the 1990s. Looking back, I can’t imagine what possessed me to continue working with it. Perhaps it is because we eventually came to a meeting of wills; I acquiesced to my auburn locks remaining so and henna rewarded me with healthy, vibrant hair. I’m glad to have seen it through that first adventure because this hennaed hair has seen love and heartbreak, hardship and prosperity through these years. It has seen natural beauty staring back at that mirror too which is more than I could have ever hoped to achieve from a box of hair chemicals.

Henna flowers range in color, from white, red, yellow and pink and are said to be very fragrant as a honeysuckle or lilac cluster. I smell those notes along with the earthly henna scent I reacquaint myself with bimonthly henna treatments. It thrills me to no end that we have Henna Flowers hydrosol as it was one of my many apothecary bucket list desires. I’ve worked with the plant every which way for my hair over the decades but the flowers have eluded me somewhat other than the tiniest bottle of Henna absolute I landed years ago from the now defund White Lotus Aromatics. The hydrosol itself smells like the absolute and it is only a matter of Mother Nature turning the page of her seasons that I’ll have the oil in our apothecary too.

Suggested use: Mist into hair to add shine or to hydrate skin. Can be used to wipe down kittens safely when they’ve decided that a roll on the dirty floor in the garage is just the thing they need.

Shelf life: 18 to 24 months. Refrigerate to prolong freshness.

Packaged in 3.3oz/100 ml tamper proof refillable glass bottles.

Our hydrosols are kept in dedicated refrigeration until shipped.


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