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Ambergris Tincture, Grey


Grey Ambergris tincture at 4% in perfumer’s alcohol crafted by a master perfumer from beach found Australian ambergris. Aged several years and is a limited edition release.

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I am both guardian and seller of this legacy Ambergris tincture, passed from master perfumer by means of another master of scent. I am to tell the tale of a hundred seas where mermaids and lost ships hide, speak of its legacy as is fitting of such a rare creation. I’ll avoid retold tales of Herman Melville and speak lovingly of the salty memories this tincture evokes, its baptism of mineral notes sending me to seas I ate from and searched for treasure in, lost breath with when voluptuous waves hit my face. I’ll speak of experienced hands in charge of a rare material few have held; tincture dutifully created in the tradition of Ambre perfumery. I’ll note sweet dry aromas fully realized from aging, like soft kisses from the first blush of spring plum blossoms that fall on my face when harvesting for future fat smeared chassis frames and other things that assist me in giving my own goosebumps. And perhaps I’ll speak of myself as the perfume seller perched in front of the perfume museum in Grasse, my Lalique bottled wares filled with legacies and perfume creations and scented dreams.

Suggested use: Gray Ambergris tincture was created with authentic grey beach found Ambergris in a base of food grade perfumer’s alcohol. As such, it may be used solo as a delicate, rare and authentic amber perfume. The tincture is also well suited to fresh and floral accords as well as heavy wood notes.

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