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Golden Champaca Absolute Oil


Golden Champaca is a jester of sorts. It comes from the same family as the Magnolia, can be easily confused with the White Champaca (Michaelia alba) and both share floral profiles but big fruit notes in Golden Champaca is where they part species. Golden Champaca flower is golden in color, much like citrine gemstones and considered sacred by Hindus and Buddhists as it is considered a tree for achieving enlightenment. The fine textured wood is used in furniture and cabnetry making. A Magnolia wood table for me, please. I have used Golden Champaca in our Amla oil as a hydrating treatment in my hair, leaving it in healthy shine. I’ve recently learned that I did not invent that wheel, as Golden Champaca hair treatments were used traditionally. It was a riff off Ylang ylang or Macassar hair oil, another hair treatment I highly recommend. Golden Champaca is a busty absolute oil and can be worn alone, or used to make a big floral statement. I have been considering adding a few tea bushes to our ever growing garden apothecary to experiment with fermenting tea and florals and envision Champaca flowers being rolled with tea leaves and fermented to make a fragrant floral tea. Few essential oils or absolutes are incompatible with Sandalwood and Golden Champaca Absolute is no different. It is genuinely exquisite when blended with East Indian Sandalwood essential oil when wanting to create the notion of an attar.

Suggested uses: Blends well with East Indian Sandalwood, Rose, Violet and Carnation.




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