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Geranium Essential Oil Greece


Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens ) essential oil  from our artisan producer in Greece.

Greek Geranium Essential Oil

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Reunion geranium oil is considered the gold standard and for much of my aromatic career, I tried to love it but I found the tenacity of its green notes and soapy dry down hard to work with. I want to have more control over the profiles: to add green ones when I want green notes and not as part of the bargaining chip for working with an oil. I have nothing against Reunion; I think it’s wonderful in skin care products and I will continue to offer it in the apothecary but in perfume work, it’s not my personal go to. Greek geranium oil is pure floral, not in the way rose geranium smells but the floral notes I observe when I sniff the flower. The profile is rich, floral and sweet, with a hint of citrus. There are no green notes or soapy dry down. To me, it represents the cleanest profile of geranium I’ve found so far for perfuming. The plant is organically grown and produced by our partners in Greece which seems fitting since geranium is from the greek word “Geranos” which means the shape of a crane. 



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