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Geranium Concrete Egypt


Geranium concrete (Pelargonium graveolens)  from our producers in Egypt.

Geranium Concrete

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Two years have passed since I was in Egypt to source aromatics and visit the great pyramids, weep in Saqqara. I remember every aroma I brought to my nose for evaluation; every concrète, absolute, essential oil and hydrosol. I remember them like the first time my mother put a bouquet of her beautiful rugosa roses in my small hands, my face buried in their aroma for what seemed like hours. I will recall these aromatic moments when I’m old: I know this. When I returned to California from my Egyptian trip, I created labels for all of the concretes our producer had to offer but geranium concrete never arrived. I longed for it, felt it belonged with the collection. I held steadfast to the hope it would be available to add collection.  When geranium concrète finally arrived on the heels of a cold winter, I was grateful. Relieved. It has that fatty hay like rose note I remember back in Cairo. The concrète is produced with the leaves but green notes take a back seat to allow the fattiness of rose to prevail. It’s beautiful in solid perfume and tinctured for a composition. Our concrète collection is hardly finished but for now, the Egyptian collection is complete. For now.


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