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Full Spectrum Frankincense Papyrifera Essential Oil


Full Spectrum Frankincense Papyrifera essential oil with added boswellic acid. From our suppliers in Somalia.

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Like Carterii, Papyrifera was also used in antiquity. Elephants in Sudan, Ethiopia and East Africa were said to be big fans so much so that it was once called Elephant tree. The resin is the closest relative to Sacra and carries with it all the desirable characteristics a perfumer seeks for their work. It is the balanced species: the zakana to its kundura unsa, the male to its female. First scrapes on a tree during dry season that on occasion exude milky resin the color of camel’s milk, are considered low quality. It is not until the third scraping is done, that Frankincense is considered pure.

Like our other full spectrum oil, Full Spectrum Frankincense Papyrifera is its own perfume and its own medicine. It is infused with Boswellic acid, the component that does the hard working healing of the resin. It brings out the soul of Payrifera, exposing its complex chemistry and mysticism. The scent is rich and balsamic with a refined sweetnesss. Full bellied and beautiful.

Suggested use: Add to creams and lotions to boost healing or use neat on skin. Can be tinctured and used in alcohol based perfumery or macerated in Jojoba oil to create a perfume oil. Not recommend for for diffusers due to the heavy and resinous nature of the oil.


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