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Frazer Fir Essential Oil


Wild Grown Frazer Fir (Abies fraseri) essential oil from our artisan distiller in Canada.

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Not many distillers are off the grid anymore but after one helluva fight to travel back into Canada with intense Covid restrictions last year, I found myself driving down a gravel road, hoping I had the correct directions to a distiller who is precisely that: off the grid. This distiller is the very essence of an artisan: no where near any kind of shopping stores or gas station and internet that is intermittent at best. A regular contributor on research papers regarding plant chemistry and biodiversity, this distiller managed to have the insight to buy virgin property with the idea of setting up a distillery after spending time in the south of France. My kind of guy.

Walking around the property surrounded by Mugo Pine, fields of high potency lavender and some of the nicest smelling catnip I’ve ever experienced, we talked about his beginning on unplanted land over twenty years ago, distillation processes and his work with the native community when he began to grow Osha crops for distillation. One afternoon at the distillery was not near enough but I left with end of season treasures for our apothecary. This is how Frazer Fir essential oil came into our fold.

Grown high up the mountain where crisp air lives and what I swear are echoes of “Sound Of Music”, Fir is the tree we all think of as Christmas. It’s the scent I want in a live tree every holiday but realize my Charlie Brown budget has pine tree kind of money. Frazer Fir smells fresh cut and sublimely fragrant in the best conifer way, transforming any room into a fresh evergreen forest when diffused. Siberian Fir will be taking a back seat to Frazer Fir this season in our Joyeux Noel Christmas blend. I can’t even wait for the joy it will surely spark. Now, if I could only distill cookies.

Suggested use: Very effective for respiratory support in essential oil diffusers. Can be added to muscle blends along with Frankincense essential oil for effective analgesic blends. Freshens up any room.


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