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Frankincense Carterii Essential Oil


Caretii was my introduction into the world of frankincense many years ago, back when only carterii offered on the market. I had a notion of its scent profile as described in my old history books but it was so much more than that. I thought it was magnificent and in defiance of all my aromatherapy training, I wore the oil straight from the bottle fully smeared over my entire face whenever I felt like I wanted that balsamic scent. It really solidified the astounding boswellic skin healing and anti aging properties. Carterii offers all the healing properties that frankincense has to offer – rapid wound healing due to its cell regeneration, effectively styptic and profoundly healing for acne skin and boils.

Suggested uses: Can be added to carrier oil to use in massage blends. Add a few drops to skin serums for healing benefits. Very helpful for meditation rituals.




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