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Floral Wax Kit


Floral wax kit consists of two containers, each .5 oz of any floral wax we carry for a total of one ounce. This kit allows a way to try floral waxes before you buy. The kit comes in a larger aluminum case.

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Floral wax kits were birthed as a need to supply floral waxes for students at the Natural Perfume Academy, an online school I graduated from in the fall of 2023. After I had surpassed my original goal of offering ten floral waxes, I could also see the need to offer more of a perfumer’s palette of wax for solid perfume making. The floral wax kit seemed a reasonable way to create an opportunity to try a couple of waxes before committing to a full ounce. It has been a student favorite as they use the waxes for making solid perfumes, incense and tincture for creating a beautiful alcohol based perfume.

Creating a way to order waxes for a kit proved to be too much for this platform so I’ll kindly request a comment to be left during the order process regarding choice of floral wax. Please choose 2 floral waxes of .5 oz each for a total of one ounce in this kit.

We have the following floral waxes available:

Rose damascena

Rose centiforlia

Black Locust

Pink Lotus

White Lotus


Orange Blossom

Jasmine sambac

Jasmine grandiflora

Jasmine auriculatum

Clove Bud




Green Tea

Golden Champaca



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