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Felix Cola Le Livre Du Parfumeur 1930 French Perfume Book


Felix Cola: Le Livre Du Parfumeur 1930. 1998 Reprint of a rare perfume book from a museum in Grasse.

Felix Cola Book

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I called in a monumental amount of favors to bring this highly sought after book to California from France. The 1998 reprint is only sold at a museum in Grasse, France. They do not ship outside of France and they only accept a check for payment. I’ve been able to import three books, two of which are sealed and one that will be a copy in the apothecary which I’ll later translate with the help of my Pops, a retired French professor. I don’t typically sell books in our apothecary as I am preparing my own to sell here but the Felix Cola book is too valuable in a collection, too important and too rare not to offer in here. Ask any veteran perfumer.


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