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Damask Rose Monastery Incense


Before the soft chime of my computer signaling the start of my aromatic work day, the incense is lit. Almost daily, Damask Rose Incense smoke weaves through my office and rests in my long hair and clothing. Maybe even a little bit in my cortado.

I am very particular about what I burn, having suffered through synthetic incense and resins in my 20s that were not only an assault to my lungs but potentially dangerous and allergenic causing. Damask Rose Incense is crafted by Greek Monks as they have done for over 2000 and incorporate not only Damask Rose (Rosa Damascena) but the other pillar of incense, Frankincense resin. Damask Rose Incense burns a sweet rose – frankincense odor that takes relaxation to a gentle, loving space. It calms and disarms. There is no synthetic ingredients and only small amount is required to scent a small room. Burning Damask Rose Monastery Incense is an exquisitely sensual fragrant smoke experience.

Suggested use: Use in meditation practice, relaxation or to gently scent the area.




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