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Cognac Essential Oil


Green Cognac (Vitis vinifera) essential oil from France.

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Green Cognac essential oil doesn’t want to expose too much until the nose hits the bottle where notes of dry wine and dirty apples hit almost to the back of the throat. A sneaky punch of Cognac surfaces shortly after the initial dry wine scent. The green color of the essential oil is mesmerizing and brings on notions of a crisp green apple martini or wine lees or fruit at that perfect edge of ferment, before rot sets in. The oil blends beautifully with Lavender or Geranium essential oil, deliciously curious Jasmine absolute too. Chamomile is often suggested as an addition to Green Cognac but I’m not a fan of fruit on fruit in a blend. Cognac is meant as more of a top to accent heavy or masculine blends. It’s a quirky, sneaky essential oil that expands the mind in natural perfumery possibilities and is a must in both the beginner perfumers as well as a seasoned perfumer’s organ.

Suggested uses: blend in high end natural perfumery where fruity, dry notes are desired. Blends with Jasmine absolute, Lavender essential oil or Geranium essential oil.



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