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Clary Sage Floral Wax


Clary sage (Salvia sclarea) floral wax. Artisan production from our partner in Bulgaria.

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It’s been nearly a year since I felt moved to create a new solid perfume but I believe clary sage floral wax has poked that creative perfume wand at my shoulder. The muscatel notes are prominent in this wax and call for the addition of our dark amber noted clary sage, green cognac, something mineral like and a base note to knit it all together. The wax is a gift for soap makers and natural perfumers; its aroma profile so full spectrum that I prefer it to our clary sage essential oil – so much so, that I plan to tincture it for future alcohol based compositions. There is the smallest hint of green vetiver and tobacco in the profile without the herbaceous notes that I feel can dominate clary sage. There’s warmth to the wax that I feel would benefit a fougère profile. 

The wax is soft and requires little warming before use in solid perfumes, incense and soap making. It’s another wax I’ve become fond of holding a piece of while I work to enjoy the aroma as it melts. Highly recommended by the way.


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