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Cypress, Chinese Weeping Essential Oil


Chinese Weeping Cypress (Cupressus funebris) essential oil from China.

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It’s the hour of the conifer, a time of year when winter gale winds have calmed, before the resins flow and dandelion arrive. It’s a quiet time for a forager. A time for reflection, of planning this year’s scented walks and thoughts, writings. I wait for the pink bloom of Cherry blossoms, anxious to announce spring and plantain too for healing oil to come. Californian Holly berries ripen, waiting to begin Chinese New Year, this year of the Ox. It’s also the time of year for Chinese Weeping Cypress, a musky noted wood essential oil that is often referred to as Chinese Cedarwood.

The oil is Foster Brooks boozy and surprisingly rich for a conifer of the Cupressaceae family. A good distillation excludes green notes that can be commonplace in fresh distillations. I expect aging the oil will bring more African Sandalwood like notes and as our offerings show, we are a fan of aging wood oils. Blending it with other Sandalwoods such as Mysore or Australian emboldens the smokiness and sensual musk. It’s just the kind of stuff I’m all about. I like this essential oil. A lot. And as I dust the bruises off from a year of Covid’s trauma and reset for this new one, I feel a big, beautiful soliflore type Sandalwood fix coming on.

Suggested uses: valuable contributions a base note for perfumery compositions. Beneficial in face creams and serums as an anti-aging formula. It can be a highly scented part of an incense blend. Highly recommended for chakra anointing, meditation and yoga practice. Blends with Himalayan Cedarwood, Sandalwood Mysore, Haitian Vetiver, Patchouli and both Australian and Hawaiian Sandalwood.


5ml, 15ml, 30ml


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