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Champaca White Hydrosol


White Champaca (Magnolia x alba) hydrosol from our artisan producer in Thailand.

White Champaca Hydrosol

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I willingly step up to the challenge of capturing difficult aromas in my hydrosol work. While it’s only been in the last year that I saw the distillations asworks of art in their own right, I have considered commercial hydrosols to be inferior to the work I’ve produced to date. Until now.

Our Thai producer has not only exceeded my expectations but after thirteen years of working with him, I have acquired an even greater respect for his work I thought wasn’t possible. Ego aside, this could have been my distillation given access to the material. I’m a little jealous of this distillation if I’m truthful. I’d love nothing more than to grow my own champaca to distill but other than a one plant that’s due to arrive this month, I’m grateful I can offer such a gorgeous distillation that exceeds my standards. White champaca hydrosol has fruity white chocolate notes that linger like the essential oil we have in the apothecary. It feels sacred and ceremonial on the skin; a joyous perfume as it’s occasionally referred to. This hydrosol may not be an in house production but it is one I’ve waited a long time to offer; to be so perfectly evocative of the Joy Perfume Tree.


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