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Carnation Concrete Egypt


Carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus) concrete from our artisan producers in Egypt.

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It may sound like hyperbole, but along with Violet Leaf, Carnation is an aromatic I came to Egypt for, not because I have a history with it but because I starred at this wonderous aromatic on suppliers lists for about a decade. There is a reason this multi petal flower has been noted as the flower of Zeus: it is jaw droppingly sensual. I’ve greedily smeared tiny, sacrificial amounts on my wrists daily to remind myself that summer was only a month ago and moreso to bring me back to Egypt where my heart remains. Carnation is rare and it would please me deeply to have it stay that way so that one never takes for granted how luxurious this aromatic truly is. It has complex, honey wrapped spice notes with its high eugenol constituents. I expect Carnation concrete will blend with many essential oils, absolutes and concretes but I’m not ready to move to the next step in blending. I also expect it will become a beloved aromatic in our apothecary. In fact, I’m certain of it.

Suggested uses: For use primarily in natural perfumery applications. Can be added to a carrier oil to create an oil based natural perfume. A small amount can be added to pulse points for a concentrated and long lasting scent. Concretes can be added to organic perfumers alcohol to create a perfume spray.


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