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Cacao Absolute Oil


Cacao (Theobroma Cacao) absolute oil from France. Hexane Free.

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With its deep, rich chocolate notes, Cacao Absolute is one of those comfort aromatics that I feel should be part of every natural perfumery collection. The absolute reminds me of my trip to Oaxaca, Mexico that seems forever ago as life has become after Covid. Everywhere I walked, the warm air carried with it smells of warm, fresh conched chocolate. I spent much of my time at the famous Mercado 20 de Noviembre, a market bursting with seared meats, the best mole in the world and roasted grasshoppers. Beyond the scent of meat just past its Maillard reaction and thick smoke and condensed sweaty bodies, was the scent of warm Cacao. Oaxaca’s roads are paved with Cacao being roasted and pounded and whipped into a frenzy for the next eager patron’s endorphine rush. I had lived in Costa Rica years ago and loved the taste of raw Cacao and the pulp surrounding the bean but there was a notable shift in my thinking of Cacao in Oaxaca as I ate and drank it in so many foods. It reminded me of its heart centered powers because although I was alone, it reminded me that I can be in love with something other than another person. I can be in love with living a beautiful life.

Suggested use: Cacao Absolute blends with Patchouli, Vanilla Oleoresin, Lavender, Rose and many other essential oils. It is very rich, thick and requires very little in a perfumery composition.


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