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Blue Lotus Hydrosol


Blue Lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) hydrosol artisan distilled in California. Our Blue lotus flowers are the true blue water lily from Thailand. First hydrosol of its kind in the world.

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What began as one of my wild card weekend distillation became the hydrosol I couldn’t leave alone. It was also the hydrosol I wanted to be alone with. There was nothing that lead me to believe that distilling the flowers I received from my producer in Thailand (who also produces our Blue Lotus absolute) would produce a hydrosol so etherial and representative of the flower. Not one thing. But my small still gives me the space to be fearless and to have precision control over variables that I’m not able to master yet on my larger stills. This is my first real wild card idea, my first intricate distillation and my first hydrosol of real merit. I’m still a little stunned it turned out so well. 


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