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Black Hemlock Absolute


Black Hemlock (Tsuga canadensis) absolute from Canada.

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I wept the first time I buried my nose in Black Hemlock absolute. It woke every beautiful memory of the West Coast in every cell of my body. Every crunch of evergreen under foot, every wet piece of moss squished between my fingers, every tree I ever wrapped my body around in gratitude for its majestic place in this world. This absolute, my aromatic friends, this is the scent of my beloved West Coast Canada. If I never offered another absolute, this one alone would leave me feeling like I’d offered my very best to the scentual world.

Hemlock belongs to the Pine family and is not the poisonous Hemlock said to be drunk by the father of philosophy to escape his fatal sentencing for the beliefs he held to unwaveringly so. Herbalist John Lust reminds that Hemlock bark, when made into a tea is helpful as a wash for sores, gargle for mouthwash and when powdered is useful in shoes for funky feet. The tannins from the bark were used by the First Nations Coast Salish as tanning, cleaning and pigment solutions, the reddish color being particularly desired. Hemlock absolute is dark green and mossy: the 70s avocado appliance color of my childhood. It flows thick like Seaweed and so many other of our absolutes we fight like hell to not have diluted by suppliers. Hemlock smells of a caramelized forest, moss near the sea, and hit of strawberries fresh from the farmers market I shop on Sunday. It was made to be a perfume whether in a blend with other precious oils or swiped sensually on the wrist, naked and on its own.

Suggested use: in natural botanical perfumery compositions. Blends well with any one of our Frankincense essential oils, Dark Amber Clary Sage, Cypress, Angelica, Mount Shasta Lavender, Vanilla Oleoresin and many other aromatics that requires the forest to complete a perfumer’s masterpiece.


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