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Beeswax Absolute Oil


Beeswax Absolute (Apis mellifera) oil from France. Beautiful honey notes for perfumery compositions.

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Beeswax Absolute always appeared to be an innocuous little waxy fella in our lineup of about 300 plus essential oils, absolutes and CO2s. What I discovered when making some of my more intense natural perfumes was that sometimes when working towards a more animalic blend, I found they were missing a little something. Beeswax absolute finished my botanical creations. Fitting since the Welsh called bees “Cwir” meaning perfect, finished. Egyptians thought bees were born from Ra’s tears and my people, the Celts viewed bees as a symbol of wisdom. Bees are smart and so is adding Beeswax absolute to your next blend.

Please note: Beeswax becomes semi solid and may require hot water bath to make it workable.


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