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Basil Concrete Egypt **Back In Stock Feb 2024**


Basil (Ocimum basilicum) concrete from our artisan producers in Egypt.

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Basil concrete was a very last minute decision when we were buying aromatics in Egypt. After a deal was struck to purchase Jasmine, Neroli Violet Leaf and Carnation, I almost left Basil concrete behind which would have been a big mistake. This concrete has all the wonderful notes one would find on a wet coastal forest in the fall. I find moss and fern and a little peat in this concrete. Very little of the licorice notes the fresh distillation carries. I love both profiles but I see this having more diverse use as well as being an essential addition to masculine fougère based notes. Monday After was correct when she said it is one of the most exquisite scents to work with.

Suggested uses: For use primarily in natural perfumery applications. Can be added to a carrier oil to create an oil based natural perfume. A small amount can be added to pulse points for a concentrated and long lasting scent. Concretes can be added to organic perfumer’s alcohol to create a a perfume spray.


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