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Amyris 2010 Essential Oil


Aged  12 year old Amyris essential oil.

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Amyris essential oil is one of our older aged essential oils and now in 2022, we have a beautifully aged 12 year old oil worth selling. Like our patchouli, East Indian sandalwood and other wood oils, we buy what we can every other year or so and stick it in the back of the apothecary to age out. Amyris starts to find itself after about two years but my preference is for an aged Amyris after about five years and longer. It knocks off the peppery notes and develops a complex, rich longer lasting oil. It also lends itself to use as an outstanding fixative in botanical perfumery blends. Amyris is from the citrus family although it is not a fruit bearing tree but it pairs well with citrus.

Suggested uses: Blends well with any floral (lavender in particular) and citrus to create a beautiful well rounded blend. Amyris is excellent on its own for a less expensive sandalwood alternative and there’s nothing more suited to promote relaxation or meditation than a little Amyris 2010 in a jojoba oil.


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