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Agarwood ACEH Oil


Agarwood ACEH (Aquilaria malaccensis) oil from our artisan producer in Indonesia.

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I decided that this was going to be the year I would dabble a little deeper into the Agarwood pool. I’ve been working with different species of Agarwood for about nine years in an effort to try and really understand it because there is a lot to know being an oil of antiquity and royalty. I’ve sniffed some exquisite stuff and I’ve sniffed some oud I’m sure was straight out of some dirt pile in the back of someone’s farm. One sample even left blisters on my neck. It’s tricky sourcing this stuff and although I risk sounding like a heretic, in a way, I found the learning curve of Ambergris easier. Agarwood requires a long distillation that makes it necessary to be cohabitated or returned to the still to be redistilled. I appreciate level of patience and skill needed to produce this exotic oil.

This Agarwood is from Aceh Provence and has a mint top note with a rich musk, fruity base with no barnyard notes. I like those notes too but I appreciate working with a different agarwood profile, adding a small amount to build a spice accord or Vetiver and Sandalwood for wood compositions. I don’t grade our Agarwood as it appears to be a subjective measure but I feel that by now we have established that if an aromatic is in our apothecary, it has met my high standards. Arctander suggested the addition of Agarwood in a carnation base to produce interesting notes which has me eyeing our Carnation concrete to recreate that scent-ual experience. It feels like a good pairing of cultures that knows a little something about this beautiful oil.

Suggested use: Wear with joy and the expectation of it lingering six to eight hours.


10ml, 3ml, 0.5ml, 1ml, 5ml, 15ml, 30ml


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