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Tuberose Natural Flower Butter Perfume


Tuberose (Polianthes tuberosa ) Flower Butter perfume handmade at our apothecary. This is a beeswax free soliflore natural perfume with absolutely no synthetics or bio identical essential oils.


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It’s noted that 17th century Tuberose was widely distilled for perfumery, particularly in France although I suspect it was more of a process of enfleurage as Tuberose is not a flower that can be distilled to capture the intensity of its aroma. It was Marie Antoinette, a figure I read voraciously about as a preteen, who recognized the scent and used it by the name Sillage de la Reine, a name I originally considered for our soliflore. In the prudish Victorian era, Tuberose was symbolic for voluptuousness and love. My first experience many years ago of Tuberose was in a dilution and I wasn’t drawn to the scent initially. But I’m all about second chances and once I experienced it in its undiluted beauty, I understand Sillage de la Reine in its fullest expression. It also solidified my commitment to never sell dilutions of any rare aromatic.

Organic Tuberose Flower Butter is a handmade natural perfume, my ode to the Louis XIV garden at Versailles. Our butter contains the best Tuberose absolute, concrete and floral wax we carry. As perfumers did for thousands of years, we use the tiniest amount of Ben oil as an exceptional carrier oil for both the extraordinary shelf life and as a nod to all the perfumers throughout history. Our butter is very soft without the use of beeswax and potent too; requiring the slightest smear on wrists and pulse points to experience tuberose fields plus all the craft I’ve put into making this butter. All the history too.



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