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Pineapple Myrtle Hydrosol


Organic Pineapple Myrtle ( Leptospermum petersonii ) hydrosol from our distillation partner form Australia.

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I felt like a little leprechaun while waiting for Pineapple Myrtle to land on our shores. When I brought in Australian Rose, Boronia and Fragonia last round, I also requested Pineapple Myrtle hydrosol to sample. When it arrived, I filled a spray bottle and by end of day, it was gone from constant use. Next order contained several gallons of this decadent, summer- vibing hydrosol.

Pineapple Myrtle Hydrosol is literally one of a kind. Though botanically similar to the Lemon Tea Tree, Pineapple Myrtle was discovered by the artisan distiller who then produced a volume of intellectual property on the plant and distillation. It grows in a different area of Australia which accounts for the different scent profile. Pineapple Myrtle hydrosol smells of pineapple and other fresh fruit. My nose picks up a little banana as well. It feels happy, like a carefree summer day back in 2019. With a Pina Colada in hand. This is an incredibly rare hydrosol. I’ve never smelled anything thing like Pineapple Myrtle and it is a discovery like this that keeps me riveted daily.

Suggested use: Mist on skin for cooling effect, particularly during summer. Calms hot skin from summer heat.


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