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On The Road To Teach Perfume And Distillation Classes

We will have delayed shipping from July 30th to August 22nd as I’m headed back to Vancouver Island to see my family next week. I will be initially be in the Comox/Courtney area and will be teaching distillation and natural perfumery classes. We already have our first class fully booked but I will be available to teach another 1 to 2 sessions if the interest is there. I will then be in Victoria and would be available to teach classes there as well. I’m very excited to be headed back home to see my family and some dear friends along the way. Please PM me if you are in either one of those areas on the island and would like an opportunity to learn how to distill or create perfume. Our Etsy shop and website will remain open so that I can answer questions or provide consultation and take orders for those not in a hurry however, the shipping will be adjusted to our return date which will be August 22. Please keep that in mind when placing an order. I will be including samples in each order of aromatics I’ve distilled while in Canada. One of the samples I am anticipating to offer will be West Coast seaweed hydrosol. I’ll be active on all our social media channels plus there may be a live event here and there on our YouTube channel (Essential Oil Apothecary) so be sure to check it out. When I return, I’ll be announcing several in person perfume and distillation classes for the fall plus some other exciting news so please stay tuned because it’s going to be a good fall! As always, my absolute gratitude for everyone’s support and let’s continue this wonderful journey together however it looks as an aromatic family.💝🪷⚗️🙏🏼

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    1. Thank you for your comment. I tried to organize an event in Victoria but had such a small window of time and not enough students. I will be returning next year and will definitely create an event in Victoria so you can experience this wonderful event.

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