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We’re Back From Canada

I’m back from Canada 🇨🇦 with a van full of maple syrup, a dozen hydrosols I distilled on the road (fireweed, rosehips and others) and a head full of ideas for this fall’s distilllation and natural perfumery classes. I ran into a couple of tough problems while on my way back home: one required emergency surgery for my beloved scottish fold kitty to save his life and the other, a replacement alternator that caught fire in Roseburg, OR. These two costs have left me $5,402 in the negative which will affect the restock of some of our aromatics. I have resumed shipping orders but please note that there may be an aromatic or two within your order that I’ll need to place on backorder until I can afford to restock it. I thank you for your kind patience and understanding as I work hard to get our stock back in the apothecary.

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