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A Note About Shipping

Aromatic family, it’s a tough time of year on many levels. Many aromatics are not available until the new season begins and order deliveries have become a circus. This is the aftermath of a three year shut down in the world. Please have a kind heart and some patience with all of it … and with me. I’m always working as fast as I can with all of your orders. I have no staff to lean on but I work like three people seven days a week as I have for three years and counting.

My first priority is your experience; your order assembled correctly, house distilled samples included, a detailed and informative consultation if requested and my hand written calligraphy note of gratitude. One day, we’ll have the staff in place and you’ll perhaps fondly recall all of those personal touches only a small heart centered business can provide. Until then, please enjoy all of these thoughtful touches and have a little shipping patience while I provide the care and service I feel is important for you to have with us.

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