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We Are Soft Closing The Apothecary February 17 To March 6

I’m writing a book! In order to focus on it, we will soft close our shop and website from February 17 to March 6/23. All orders from February 17 until we reopen will ship March 6/2023. I’ve been trying to write my book for sometime but have found it impossible to perform daily tasks needed to run two websites (actually three) and then write something deep. So instead of traveling with my still this spring, we be only partially open. Soft close is what I do when I travel with my still for wild card distillations or source new aromatics. Orders may be placed and I will answer email. However, I will be changing the shipping algorithm here and at so that shipping resumes March 6. I will still be posting distillations I do on our social media platforms. It is spring after all and Sacramento is moving into full bloom however I will be focusing primarily on writing so I have some thing I can hand my editor before it’s suddenly 2024! 💝🧚‍♀️🌸🪷🐈‍⬛

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