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What’s Happening This Week – July 17, 2022


How To Harvest And Distill Wild Bronze Fennel

I truly did this week’s wild card distillation on the flipside. I hadn’t been home eight hours after my Lavender festival event and I was on my way to San Francisco to pick up some rare Yemen Mocca for my roastery and stopping by a beautiful area at the ocean to get in some salty air time. This is where my nose lead me to some wild bronze fennel growing close to the water. The forage of wild bronze fennel stopped me in my tracks; it was so fragrant and heavily crusted with fennel pollen, I felt I had no choice but to make it a feature distillation this week to capture those anise notes. I highly encourage a distillation of fennel (even fennel from the store if wild foraging isn’t available in your area), particularly to enjoy as a refreshing hydrosol as we go into the full of summer. It’s a must have to combat the heat.

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