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What’s Happening This Week – July 28/2022

It’s 12:05 am. I want to mark this night because for months, I have worked past midnight, rebuilding my website – story by story, photo by photo coupled with weekly zoom meetings to address the technical issues that arose every time I worked on EOA.

It almost broke me.

Made me rethink what I’m doing. Sucked all the creativity out of my soul. Delayed my Youtube content. Made me forget a few things. Delayed the odd order. But at 12:05 am, I’m here with a completed and functioning website. There are some new listings too like THC free Cannabis essential oil, Blue Lotus hydrosol and the still I use on all my roadshow events. There are many more listings to come as I plan the next twenty or so photoshoots and future aromatic stories stored in my DNA.

I thought deeply about ditching Etsy with its greedy fees, antique Ebay like platform and eagerness to promote sellers like Goodwill more than actual makers like me. But as I reminisce about all the people I’ve met because of Etsy, people I adore and have meaningful connections with, I realized the value with that platform is in people finding me and me them. So with that, I am declaring our Etsy shop EOApothecare the apothecary portion of our business meaning I will have the Frankincense cream, body washes and vitamin C skin care I make listed there. Carrier oils and existing essential oils will be there as well. Essential Oil Apothecary will have the newest, rarest aromatics plus my own distillations. Because the natural perfumery community has been so supportive of my work, I have set up the option for natural perfumers to have a VIP account on EOA so they can have a discount every time they want to shop with us for their next project rather than waiting for the next sale.
I will still continue to post weekly distillation YouTube content links on both websites as I’m ambitiously dreaming of getting to 1000 subscribers and more. But no new essential oils, absolutes, CO2s, concretes or resins will be listed on Etsy. They had their chance 🤓
I hope the new website is decently received, maybe even liked because a lot of Oudy time was sacrificed for it.
Love and gratitude always, Cher 🥰

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