Essential Oil Apothecary

What’s Happening this Week – June 27, 2022

🌸⚗️ This week’s Wild Card distillation involves a plane, a cute cat and a still. We are headed to a lavender festival in Oregon and I’ll be taking “Stilly”, my trusty travel still and Oudy, the apothecary mascot.

I plan to harvest and distill some lavender on the road for this weekend’s distillation and will post the video on our Youtube channel when I get back. I’m also meeting up with one of our beloved customers at the festival so she may end up in the video as well. I’m secretly hoping to talk her into doing a distillation.

Other exciting news is we have been given the green light to be the official authorizer dealer for these fantastic stills. I will be listing them on our website when I return so you too can have a chance to get your own “Stilly”.

Stay tuned for lots of great content on our YouTube channel – Essential Oil Apothecary. Can’t wait for a lavender latte and speaking with the farmers and sniffing some beautiful Angustifolia. See you next week😘

As we will only be gone six days, orders will not be affected but if you need your order shipped within 48 hours, please wait to place your order until our return on June 30th.

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