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Ylang Ylang Extra Essential Oil


Ylang ylang extra (Cananga odorata) essential oil from our distillation partners Indonesia.

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Ylang ylang essential oil feels almost forgotten. But she’s not. She’s a divine, richly scented, goddess of the five petal flower, her scent so beautiful that her name must be spoken twice. Her hypnotic river hips sway and wind hypnotic, curling her golden petals in a come hither motion as Ylang does.

In my early clinical years, I was strict about the exclusion of absolutes, working exclusively with essential oils. Ylang ylang was my Jasmine, my Osmanthus, adding a soft balsamic floral note to my simple perfume blends. Ylang Complete is quite different from other fractions such as Ylang ylang First, Second and Third. It is the complete and uninterrupted distillation of the flowers. Recently, I have been importing other fractions that add interesting wood elements to compositions.

The first floral natural perfume I made when I decided to bust loose out of clinical aromatherapy was simple. It was a few drops of Neroli from Egypt and Indonesian Ylang ylang Complete blended in jojoba oil. I adored the blend for the seductive honey aroma it provided. Even called it Honey. I still have a bottle floating around for archival purposes. It’s still sensual, still floral and honey like – makes me think of the Ohio Players song every time.

Suggested uses: blend for a perfume, meditation and chakra anointing. Nourishing for hair when blended when with coconut oil and applied.


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