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Ylang Ylang Extra Essential Oil


Ylang ylang essential oil has been called poor man’s Jasmine and if this narcotic floral is poor anything, I’ll take it all day long. I always considered the oil of Goddess status with its river hip Mama hypnotic floral notes, winding and swaying and curling into itself as the ylang petals do. In my early clinical years, I adhered strictly to the exclusion of absolutes as they have floral value not therapeutic but there was ylang ylang, ready to add a soft balsamic floral note to a natural perfume blend. Complete is quite different from other fractions such as ylang ylang first, second and third. It is the complete and uninterrupted distillation of the flowers. And it wasn‚Äôt until very recent that I even entertained the use of first, second or third distillations but recent arrivals of ylang ylang 3 have proved to provide interesting woody elements when added to a floral blend. On a side note, the first floral natural perfume I made when I decided to bust loose out of the clinical side of aromatherapy was a a few drops each of neroli and ylang ylang complete blend in MCT oil that I adored for the seductive honey aroma it provided. I still have a bottle floating around for archival purposes. It’s still sensual and still honey – makes me think of the Ohio Players song every time.

Suggested uses: blend for a perfume, meditation and chakra anointing. Nourishing for hair when blended when with coconut oil and applied.




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