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Ylang ylang Extra Essential Oil Philippines


Rare Ylang ylang essential oil direct from our producer in the Philippines.

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The inner hoarder overcame me when the farm direct ylang ylang finally arrived. It’s not that I didn’t want to share it but more so that I wanted a few weeks with it for myself. A quiet indulgence without the guilt of enjoying a product that needed to be available in the apothecary, an opportunity as rare as this distillation. As much effort as I spent in late hours navigating the transition of this essential oil from the farm to my dear friend’s hands who was in Manilla to marry his fiancé, it was the kindness of friends and friends I’ve yet to meet that did the hard work to created the path to this incredible distillation. All I had was the dream.

My many questions were answered such as terroir and sustainable harvest methods and photos of the farm that were generously shared. When I saw a photo of their humble still, I smiled because I understand these smaller distillations and that we are distillers of the same caliber. It was hard waiting for all our filipino treasures. I’ve wanted an essential oil and hydrosol collection from this wonderful country of halo – halo and Bangus (which I’n reminded to say correctly when I order) and heavenly kare-kare for longer than I can remember but wasn’t sure when or how I could secure.

There is no remixing of fractions as is typical of a ylang complete and is a simple and straight forward distillation to bottle of this oil. The soapiness of commercial ylang ylang is absent. Instead, notes of the wild hyacynth flowers I distilled last spring in Canada, cape gooseberries I buy every January and harvests of Narcissus soaking in lychee scented perfumer’s alcohol weave in and out the essential oil as if to humble my sense of smell and challenge who I think I am as a perfumer. Or to bring me to the understanding that this flower is so much more than its cloying counter parts available on the market and that no one has ever smelled a ylang ylang like this. Perhaps it’s to remind me of the significance of this opportunity I’ve been entrusted with to curate such a rare treasure. Maraming salamat sa karangalan.

Suggested use: It may be used in skincare as an anti aging agent but due to the rarity of this oil, I suggest it be best used in high end natural perfumery compositions.


1ml, 5ml, 15ml, 30ml


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