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Cypriol Essential Oil


Wild Crafted Cypriol (Cyperus scariosus) essential oil from our distillation partner in India. Also known as Nagarmotha essential oil.

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Cypriol essential oil also known as Nagarmotha is a very curious essential oil. I circled around it for many years, knowing it’s profile as a digestive and anti-inflammatory but reaching instead for frankincense or mastic essential oil. When I decided to add it to the growing essential oil family, I felt schooled. I knew this scent profile. I had smelled this scent before. In my very early years of searching for authentic agarwood (oud), I had been sold not agarwood but nagarmotha. That dirty, barnyard scent was etched into my memory, at first in not a good way but then in a treasured, respected way. It is loved differently from true agarwood (which we do offer) and one I couldn’t live without. It calms pitta fire with its heavy oud like notes. Now that I have years behind its usage, I can’t even presume to call it a poor man’s agarwood because like, agarwood, it has so many layers going on. Earthy yes, dirty yes, not unlike a low grade agarwood yes, and one that with the word agar in its name should be part of a natural perfumer’s collection.

Suggested uses: natural perfumery blends, masculine in particular. Long term Ayurveda use in a range of remedies for health conditions such as fevers, dysmennorhea, and digestion. Massage into scalp to strengthen hair, superb tonic for nervous system alleviating stress. Reduces inflammation particularly duets heat when added to face cream or lotion such as Vegan C Cream.


1ml, 5ml, 15ml, 30ml


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