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Wild Crafted Arina Essential Oil


Wild Crafted Arina – Iary (Psiadia altissima) essential oil from Madagascar.

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I had to walk with Arina essential oil a little to understand its purpose in the world, and mine to it. The oil is sometimes used as a substitute for frankincense in blends. I compared it with Carterii, Neglecta, Frereana, Sacra, Serrata, Papirifera and even our rare guy, Dalzielii. While I can conclude that yes, it has hints of frankincense, I feel it stands on its own with notes more in line with Galbanum and oaky wine Green Cognac. Arina is terpene rich, which accounts for the Pine notes and I also pick up a little citrusy pineapple, no-one other than the Canada Douglas Fir, a tree back home we call the Pineapple Tree. The oil is not widely known but is quite exciting to work with. Arina calms itchy skin quickly, leaving a slightly waxy, resinous “skin” on the epidermis, protecting from further irritation. Perhaps that is what is meant about it being a frankincense substitute. In natural perfumery, the oil is a bright top note that adds a very interesting profile to botanical compositions. In Madagascar, the oil has been traditionally used as an insect repellant and for coughs and bronchial issues. Arina oil might be a good choice in massage blends where the terpene qualities of Pine essential oil are desired without a strong scent.

Suggested uses: Add to salves for irritated skin. Apply to chest and through for irritated coughs. Can be added in a carrier oil foo use for massage.


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