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Wild Cassie Flower Concrete *Out Of Stock*


Wild Cassie Flower (Acacia farnesiana) concrete from our distiller in Egypt.

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I’m so happy to have Wild Cassie flower concrete in the apothecary. It possesses a powdery, sweet almond scent and less the green notes Mimosa carries, less cucumber-y. I don’t have nose fatigue with this acacia and excitedly so because initial blending with a few drops of Yuzu has created a scented rabbit hole I’m ready to fall into. Over time, I’ve fallen completely in love with this concrete. It would be a beautiful perfume addition with other florals to create a spring meadow floral melange or lift a heavy composition, adding a beautiful sophisticated finish.

Suggested uses: For use primarily in natural perfumery applications. Can be added to a carrier oil to create an oil based natural perfume. A small amount can be added to pulse points for a concentrated and long lasting scent. Concretes can be added to organic perfumer’s alcohol to create a a perfume spray.


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