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Ambergris Tincture, White Gold


White Gold Ambergris tincture at 4% in perfumer’s alcohol crafted by a master perfumer from beach found Australian ambergris. Aged several years and is a limited edition release.

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Limited edition White Gold Ambergris tincture crafted by the hand of a master in the traditions of masters before him. Created as I would were I less the student this rare marine material forces me to be. The scent is powdery and sweet as a mist of Baby’s breath flowers or the breath of a baby; sillage longer than I’ve had breath, amber notes, the sweat of someone in love. I’m in love with this body of work, this extractor’s masterful execution of a rare material more precious than gold and worked with by even fewer perfumers. I’m undiminished by Ambre’s tether to the sea and dead things, deeply loyal to its past, curator to its future. The high grade White and Gold Ambergris used in this tincture has all the finery of my thousand year old material: mineral notes diminished, indole softened to sweetness. The perfumery of the tincture humbles me as I imagine it will future owners of this once in a lifetime rare offering.

Suggested use: White Gold Ambergris tincture was created with both White and Gold Ambergris in a base of food grade perfumer’s alcohol. As such, it may be used solo as a delicate and rare authentic amber perfume. The tincture is also well suited to fresh and floral accords as well as heavy notes.

Larger quantities are available.


1ml, 5ml, 15ml, 30ml


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