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Violet Leaf Concrete Egypt


Violet Leaf ( Viola odorata) concrete from our artisan producer in Egypt.

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Violet Leaf concrete is our Egyptian producer’s master piece. It is intensely fresh, green and delicately floral. I was tempted to write nothing because my description feels pale. I thought that I would leave the adjectives to fearless aromatic lovers to decide for themselves. But having spent time on the Nile, I reckon it unforgivable not to mention the luciousness of the soil which translates to the aromatics produced and incredible vegetables I ate while there. The violet plant being the tender hearted aromatic it is, must be hand harvested and only after four years of growth. The green note is the aroma I smell when I bury my face in the first melons of the summer at the local farmer’s market, intensely green, floral and spectacular. Violet Leaf is impactful in any natural perfumery composition and is an aromatic I came to Egypt for.

Suggested uses: For use primarily in natural perfumery applications. Can be added to a carrier oil to create an oil based natural perfume. A small amount can be added to pulse points for a concentrated and long lasting scent. Concretes can be added to organic perfumer’s alcohol to create a a perfume spray.


10g, 15g, 30g, 5g


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