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Tobacco Absolute Oil


Tobacco Absolute (Nicotiana tabacum) oil from Bulgaria.

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Steffen Arctander described Tobacco Absolute as an almost repulsive odor. Perhaps he was referring to nicotine free Blonde Tobacco, one we carry but is not my favorite for masculine blends requiring a little more muscle or presence. Our Bulgarian offering is a thick, rich absolute that adds a dry, cigar dimension to our aged castoreum, labdanum and sandalwood oils, one that is irreplaceable in our estimation. Liatrix (Deertongue) absolute offers similar hay like tobacco notes but is not easily available and some perfumers prefer it to tobacco but with a little aging, I found over the years that Tobacco really benefits with age. We give our tobacco a year or two to round out before it becomes available for sale. The absolute provides an interesting wild card in heavy florals but might require a little experimentation because Tobacco Absolute is not a good companion to every floral.

Suggest use: blends well with Beeswax Absolute, Cassia, Clary Sage and some heavy florals such as Osmanthus when used in a small amount in natural perfumery compositions.


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