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Rosewood Essential Oil Australia


Australian Rosewood (Dysoxylum fraserianum) essential oil from our distillation partner in Australia. 

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The hypnotic color of Australian Rosewood reminds me of our blue cypress essential oil, lapis lazuli and Jim Harrison musings of Montana skies. Commonly known as rose mahogany, Rosewood easily grows in a multitude of regions outside of its native Queensland and New South Wales. The oil is new to the essential oil landscape and is being studied by the Essential Oil producers of Australia, our distillation partner being one of the members. He first shared the potential of its offering to us a year ago providing the distillation went as expected. I so understand the notion of the still being in command but was no less disappointed when his first runs didn’t produce as planned. We finally received this beautiful oil early this spring much to my excitement.

Rosewood has been characterized as a pleasant fragrance of the Australian forest. I have yet to visit the forests there but I detect beautiful woody, floral notes with the slightest water mint back note. While it is not as proment of a rosey wood note as our Brazilian rosewood, I can see the correlation. I’m grateful too, that the tree grows easily so we don’t face the dilemma Brazil faced over the decades with their rosewood. It feels sumptuous on the skin when added to skin serums and I find my hot skin is significatly calmed down with use while we go through it in our Sacramento heat. Cool hued oil to cool skin one might surmise.

Suggested use: can be added to skin serums or lotions and creams to help with ruddly, heated skin. Would be an interesting addition to a woody perfume composition. 


1ml, 5ml, 15ml, 30ml


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