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Premium Osmanthus Absolute Oil


On any given day, a jar of osmanthus jam and osmanthus tea can be found in my kitchen cupboard. I’m a fanatic about floral foods and what I don’t make myself (violet syrup, etc), I buy. It’s one of the few purchases I don’t look at prices, I just buy it. When I was able to purchase Osmanthus Absolute from its native China , I didn’ hesitate. I bought it and like the jam, Osmanthus doesn’t disappoint. I can smell the history in this oil. Its elegance and 17th century travel to Japan, to Europe and eventually to North America. The absolute is thick and rich and after several hand washes, I can still smell the floral. Like Jonquil, the sillage of Osmanthus projects for several days. The absolute has that dried apricot scent to it and is recommended addition to a fruity floral botanical blend.

Suggested uses: Osmanthus excellent for a natural perfumer’s palette as it blends well with Citrus, Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Ylang ylang and Sandalwood.




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