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Melissa Essential Oil France


Melissa (Melissa officinalis) essential oil from France. Also known as Lemon balm.

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This distillate from France excites the aromatherapist in me. Many sellers don’t carry Melissa because the plant is hard to distill with yields being in the single digit but I wouldn’t leave it out of some of my formulas, it’s that effective.

I have witnessed it heal cold sores in half the time and I incorporate it in some of our heaviest hitting anti viral formulas, such as our Shingles Herpes Simplex Serum. French Melissa has a floral note, not found in the Bulgarian that adds a soft floral, lemony clean smelling note in a natural perfume. Melissa is a very calming essential oil and herb. Our apothecary garden always has lemon balm growing, luckily year round with the Norcal weather. It provides a delicious refreshing cold drink in summer and soothing, calming hot tea in the winter. Adding fresh mint to hot or cold drinks boosts the taste. Fitting since both are from the mint family. As an added gift from growing the plant, one can expect to see see plenty of butterflies.

Because of the distillation difficulties, sadly, there are a lot of fakes when it comes to Melissa. Very disappointing since the oil has the ability to help with so many suffering from difficult viral conditions and should be sold in its authentic, uncut form as the right thing to do.

Suggested Uses: Add a few drops to a carrier oil to use as a DIY face serum. Can be applied directly to cold sores and shingles formulas.


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