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Helichrysum Essential Oil


Premium Helichrysum (Helichrysum italicum) essential oil from Corsica.

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Helichrysum from Corsica was the game changer I hoped for. Our Corsican offering has high medicinal value and because it is so fragrant, doubles as a valuable contribution to botanical perfumery with its buttery notes. I suspect it’s because the flowers are hand picked in a remote area of Corsica. From one forager to another, I dig that in a deep kind of way. Helichrysum wears a lot of identifier hats: from the daisy family, it is also known as Immortelle. It is sometimes called the curry plant although not used in cooking. Helichrysum forms a skin over open wounds in a very short time and lightens dark spots. If I’ve had a rough skin week by virtue of being in a lot of traffic or hormones, I commit to a day of using helichrysum in a carrier oil (we have some great ones in the store; Oat carrier oil in particular works well with its plant based ceramides) and misting my face with our helichrysum hydrosol. I actually fall in love with my skin again after my helichrysum spa day.

Highly recommended.

Suggested uses: blends well with clary sage, lavender, geranium, citrus and chamomile. Add to our unscented Vegan C Cream for anti aging benefits. Add a few drops to a good carrier oil to treat acne, dark spots, burns, bruises, edema and poor circulation.


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