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Cinnamon Ceylon Bark Essential Oil


Cinnamon bark (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) essential oil from Ceylon.


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Long before one of Valentine’s Day iconic accoutrements, the Cinnamon Heart candy or Christmas cookies are how we associate with cinnamon, Cinnamon Bark was the spice of choice that early Portugese explorers left Ceylon with, not before conquering the country of course. After a few hand changes, Cinnamon Bark oil landed in the hands of England which monopolized the industry until 1833. Thankfully, Ceylon is still producing this sweet oil from both wild trees and cultivated bushes. Ceylon Cinnamon is considered a premium grade with the inner bark imparting the delicate, well rounded cinnamon scent. I agree it is a finer, sweeter aromatic compared to other Cinnamon Bark oils we have in the apothecary from India, Sri Lanka or Madagascar. I learned over time that some suppliers adulterate Cinnamon Bark oil with Cinnamon Leaf which I pick up rather easily as we find the leaf oil neither sweet smelling or fine quality. And admittedly, that took awhile to sort out the oil riff raff. Ceylon Cinnamon essential oil is a treasure of an oil in an era where true Cinnamon has been replaced by Cassia in both spice and oil.

Suggested uses: Useful in spicy perfume blends. A must have for Christmas blends when added to ginger essential oil.



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